Principal Consultant at The Helm Of Destiny

Advocates the importance of Fengshui being a pivotal influence on our Destiny. From the dawn of mankind to the present day, Man are subjected to the ever present influences of the forces of Nature, acting indifferently on each and everyone through our physical environment, from cave dwellings to the modern buildings of today. The objective of Man, subjected to these forces of Nature, is clear. To Survive and Thrive.
The proper knowledge in the understanding and harnessing, to our benefit, of the forces of Nature acting on us through our physical environment which our wise ancients have observed, recorded and passed on is plainly speaking, what Fengshui is, and the objective of Fengshui.
Act on it. Take your Destiny by the Helm.


Property Assessment

Evaluate and optimize the quality of your current property Fengshui with Traditional Chinese Fengshui techniques through a thorough assessment process.

Property Selection

Make informed investment decisions on properties with the appraisal and comparison of their Fengshui quality and suitability.

Annual Consultation

Take advantage of the annual cyclical Fengshui influences to maximize positive opportunities and mitigate potential risks for the upcoming New Year.


Period Ling Shen and Zheng Shen

With the knowledge of the current Earth Period we are currently in, based on the Earth Period Time System, we will be able to ascertain the birth, flourish, decline, and death (生旺衰死) of the Yin and Yang forms of the physical landforms on Earth. This is determined using both Luo Shu and the Early Heaven Eight Trigrams, to locate the Ling Shen (零神) and Zheng Shen (正神) directions.

Earth Period Time System

Like the seasonal changes of nature, both the Yin and Yang forms of the physical landforms in Earth are subject to birth, flourish, decline, and death (生旺衰死), and this cycle can be ascertained from the Period Time System, or the Earth Period (地运) Time System to be precise, since it is pertaining to the Yin Yang forms in Earth.

Early Heaven and Later Heaven Eight Trigrams

The Eight Trigrams are represented by two arrangements, one being known as the Early Heaven Eight Trigrams (先天八卦), and the other being the Later Heaven Eight Trigrams (后天八卦). Early Heaven Eight Trigrams depicts an innate state whereby Yin and Yang are mutually opposing yet complementary and balanced.

The Eight Trigrams Fundamentals

In the Book of Changes (易经, Yi Jing), it says "是故,易有太极,是生两仪,两仪生四象,四象生八卦,八卦定吉凶"; Tai Ji (太极) gives rise to Liang Yi (两仪 ), Liang Yi give rises to Si Xiang (四象), Si Xiang gives rises to Eight Trigrams (八卦), and the understanding of auspiciousness through Eight Trigrams.

Luo Shu Fundamentals

According to Chinese legend, during the pre-historic Emperor Yu's (夏禹) time (Xia Dynasty), a "magical turtle" emerged from the Luo River, its shell marked with dots in a certain arrangement, now known as Luo Shu, the Luo River Inscription.

He Tu Fundamentals

According to Chinese legend, it is said that Fu Xi (伏羲), one of the three sovereigns and five emperors in Chinese mythology, saw a mythological "dragon-horse" emerge from the Yellow River. It had black and white dots on its back, arranged in a specific pattern now known as He Tu (河图), the Yellow River Diagram.