Annual Consultation


Applicable for those who wish to take advantage of the annual cyclical Fengshui influences to maximize positive opportunities and mitigate potential risks for the upcoming New Year.

In view of the Fengshui time cycle, please note that I will only be accepting clients for this consultation starting 1 January and ending 1 August of every year, and this consultation is for existing clients only. Applicable for both Residential and Commercial premises, the Annual Consultation includes:

  • Annual update on the Quality of the Property Fengshui
  • Consultation on Annual Enhancement and Mitigation Proposals
  • Consultation on Specific Fengshui Needs of Clients, if any
  • Date Selections for Implementation of Proposals

Consultation Fees & Booking of Appointment

  • S$ 500 (Both Residential & Commercial Premises)

Please write in to enquire on the availability and for booking of appointment.