The Eight Trigrams Fundamentals

In the Book of Changes (易经, Yi Jing), it says “是故,易有太极,是生两仪,两仪生四象,四象生八卦,八卦定吉凶”; Tai Ji (太极) gives rise to Liang Yi (两仪 ), Liang Yi give rises to Si Xiang (四象), Si Xiang gives rises to Eight Trigrams (八卦), and the understanding of auspiciousness through Eight Trigrams.

Luo Shu Fundamentals

According to Chinese legend, during the pre-historic Emperor Yu’s (夏禹) time (Xia Dynasty), a “magical turtle” emerged from the Luo River, its shell marked with dots in a certain arrangement, now known as Luo Shu, the Luo River Inscription.

He Tu Fundamentals

According to Chinese legend, it is said that Fu Xi (伏羲), one of the three sovereigns and five emperors in Chinese mythology, saw a mythological “dragon-horse” emerge from the Yellow River. It had black and white dots on its back, arranged in a specific pattern now known as He Tu (河图), the Yellow River Diagram.