Property Assessment


Comprising of Evaluation stage, to Implementation stage and, for new premises, to the final Move-In stage, the consultation may last over a few months depending on the nature, complexity and needs of the Fengshui assessment. Applicable for both Residential and Commercial premises, the Property Assessment consultation includes:

  • Assessment on the Quality of the Property Fengshui
  • Consultation on Space Planning, Furnishing Placement, Enhancement and Mitigation Proposals
  • Date Selections for Implementation of Proposals

Consultation Fees & Booking of Appointment

Please write in, stating your property type, to enquire on the consultation fees. For booking of appointment, please note that the following information are required prior to visitation.

  1. Name/ Gender/ Date & Time of Birth for Occupants/ Owners/ Partners (For Commercial Property)
  2. Floor Plan of Property
  3. Address of Property
  4. Nature of Business (For Commercial Property)